Create a Segment

Describes the required and optional steps that create a segment in Segment Builder.

Segment Builder Section

Segment Builder consists of 3 separate sections: Basic Information, Traits, and Destinations Mapping. To create a segment, complete the required fields in the Basic Information and Traits sections. Destinations Mapping settings are optional. See the instructions below for additional help.

  1. In the Basic Information section
    • Name the segment.

    • Set the segment status (active is default).

    • Choose a data source.

    • Select a profile merge rule to use for segment qualification.

    • Assign the segment to a storage folder.

  2. In the Traits section
    • Search for the trait you want to add to a segment and click Add Trait. Add another trait to create a trait group.

    • Bring up the Advanced Search modal by clicking Browse All Traits. Search for traits by name, ID, description or data source. Click on a folder while searching to limit results to that folder and its subfolders. You can also filter traits by trait type.

    • Click and drag traits to create separate groups.

    • Hover between groups to set relationships with Boolean AND, OR, AND NOT values.

    • Hover over the clock icon to add recency and frequency rules to the trait.

    • View segment population data as you add or remove traits. Click Calculate Estimates to see (or refresh) the estimated population numbers. Read more about segment population data in the Segment Builder.

    • Click Save when done.

  3. (Optional) Map a segment to a destination in the Destination Mapping section
    • Search for the destination and click Add Destination. Note, the destination must already exist before you can add it to a segment.

    • Click Save when done.