How to Determine if Your Account is Ready to Receive Forwarded Data

Server-side forwarding is ready when you see an Audience Manager response to the Analytics call in your preferred HTTP proxy or debugger tool. This section shows you how to check for these indicators and what to look for in the HTTP requests and response calls.


Recommended Tools

The Charles HTTP proxy is a great tool to use when you want to check if server-side forwarding is working properly. The examples in this section are based on the results returned by Charles. Feel free to use whatever tool or debugger works best for you.

Checking the Status of Server-Side Forwarding in Charles

To check the status of server-side forwarding:

  1. Start Charles.
  2. Load a test page that contains updated AppMeasurement code.
  3. In Charles, expand the file path from the tracking server to the actual script call.
  4. Click the script call to select it.
  5. Click the Response tab. If the response contains Audience Manager data, then server-side forwarding is working. Your response could look similar to the example below. Prior to server-side forwarding, the response would return 2 X 2 as text.

Other Structure and Request Elements

These calls and data indicate that indicate server-side forwarding and the Audience Management Module are working properly.

Data in the Structure Tab

Element Description

Data Provider Match (DPM) Call

Look for a call to

Tip: To check for these calls, clear your browser cookies or check for this code with your browser in anonymous mode.

If you expand this call, some important elements to look for include:

  • The id folder. This contains the ID service request call made for a new visitor. This call is a very long string similar to the following: rd?d_rtb=json&d_ver=2&d_verify=1&d_orgid=Organization ID here...
  • The Inbound Synchronization (IBS) call. This is an ID sync. Yours may look similar to this: ibs:dpid=1234&dpuuid=98765 (1x1).

Destination IFrame

Look for a call to http://fast.some name

Folder 10

As shown in the image above, this is a subdirectory of your Analytics report suite folder. It is used instead of folder 1 after you implement server-side forwarding.

Data in the Request Tab

The following request elements indicate that server-side forwarding is working (click the Request tab in Charles):

  • A query string parameter in the Analytics request (e.g., callback | s_c_il[1].AudienceManagement.passData).
  • A Experience Cloud ID (e.g., mid | 1234567890987654321).

For an example of an unsuccessful server-side response, see How to Determine if Your Account is not Ready to Receive Forwarded Data.