Update a Mapping to a Destination by Mapping ID

A PUT method that lets you update a mapping to a destination by the specified mappingId.


PUT https://api.demdex.com/v1/destinations/mappings/<mappingId>

Sample Request

All request values are required unless otherwise indicated.
   "sid": 105123,
Sample Response
    "mappingId": 103453,
    "traitType": "SEGMENT",
    "traitValue": 0,
    "destinationId": 780,
    "elementName": "sample",
    "elementDescription": "test",
    "elementStatus": "active",
    "createTime": 1353373005000,
    "updateTime": 1353373005000,
    "crUID": 1065,
    "upUID": 1065,
    "sid": 105123,
    "startDate": "2012-11-19",
    "endDate": null,
    "priority": null,
    "url": "http://www.adobe.com/send?%ALIAS%",
    "secureUrl": null,
    "tagCode": null,
    "secureTagCode": null,
    "traitAlias": null