Segment Builder Controls: Traits Section

In Segment Builder, the Traits section lets you manage traits in a segment, create trait groups, and set qualification criteria. To add a trait to a segment, type the trait name in the search field and click Add Trait. Save the trait (if finished) or move on to Destinations Mapping.

Prerequisites: Complete the required fields in the Basic Information section.

Field Description
Basic View
This section provides visual controls that let you:
  • Build new and manage existing segments.
  • Remove traits from a segment.
  • Add up to 50 (maximum) traits to a segment.
  • Drag and drop traits to create new groups.
  • View traits and trait groups in a segment.
  • Set qualification criteria with Boolean expressions, comparison operators, and recency/frequency settings.
Code View
Opens a development environment that lets you create and manage traits, groups, and qualification requirements with code instead of the visual interface. The code view is useful if your segments:
  • Contain more than 50 traits in an individual segment.
    Note: Segments are limited to 5000 traits (maximum).
  • Contain many trait groups.
  • Have complex qualification requirements.

Helps you find traits to add to a segment.


Get live recommendations for similar traits to add to the segment rule. Read more in Trait Recommendations.

Real and Estimated Segment Size Data

See Trait and Segment Population Data in Segment Builder.