Segment Builder Controls: Traits Section

In Segment Builder, the Traits section lets you manage traits in a segment, create trait groups, and set qualification criteria. To add a trait to a segment, type the trait name in the search field and click Add Trait. Save the trait (if finished) or move on to Destinations Mapping.

Prerequisites: Complete the required fields in the Basic Information section.

Field Description
Basic View
This section provides visual controls that let you:
  • Build new and manage existing segments.
  • Remove traits from a segment.
  • Add up to 50 (maximum) traits to a segment.
  • Drag and drop traits to create new groups.
  • View traits and trait groups in a segment.
  • Set qualification criteria with Boolean expressions, comparison operators, and recency/frequency settings.
Code View
Opens a development environment that lets you create and manage traits, groups, and qualification requirements with code instead of the visual interface. The code view is useful if your segments:
  • Contain more than 50 traits in an individual segment.
    Note: Segments are limited to 5000 traits (maximum).
  • Contain many trait groups.
  • Have complex qualification requirements.

Helps you find traits to add to a segment.

Real and Estimated Segment Size Data

See Trait and Segment Population Data in Segment Builder.