URLs for requests, staging and production environments, and versions.

This section contains the following information:

Request URLS

The following table lists the request URLs used to pass in API requests, by method.
API Methods Request URL
Algorithmic Modeling https://api.demdex.com/v1/models/
Data Source https://api.demdex.com/v1/datasources/
Derived Signals https://api.demdex.com/v1/signals/derived/
Destinations https://api.demdex.com/v1/destinations/
Domains https://api.demdex.com/v1/partner-sites/
  • Traits: https://api.demdex.com/v1/folders/traits/
  • Segments: https://api.demdex.com/v1/folders/segments/
Schema https://api.demdex.com/v1/schemas/
Segments https://api.demdex.com/v1/segments/
Traits https://api.demdex.com/v1/traits/
Trait Types https://api.demdex.com/v1/customer-trait-types
Taxonomy https://api.demdex.com/v1/taxonomies/0/


The Audience Manager APIs provide access to different working environments. These environments help you test code against separate databases without affecting live, production data. The following table lists the available API environments and corresponding resource hostnames.

Environment Hostname
Production https://api.demdex.com/...
Beta https://api-beta.demdex.com/...
Note: The Audience Manager beta environment is a smaller-scale, standalone version of the production environment. All the data that you want to test must be entered and collected in this environment.


New versions of these APIs are released on a regular schedule. A new release increments the API version number. The version number is referenced in the request URL as v<version number> as shown in the following example: