Works with DIL to send Analytics tag elements (variables, props, eVars, etc.) to Audience Manager. Returns data in a comma separated list. Available in version 2.6.

Function Signature: DIL.modules.siteCatalyst.init(siteCatalystReportingSuite, dilInstance, trackVars, options)

Note: You must place this code on the page before the s.t(); function.


Names Type Description
names String

An array of strings that contains un-enumerated Analytics variables like pageName, channel, campaign, product, etc.

iteratedNames Object

An array of objects that contains enumerated Analytics variables like props and evars (e.g. prop1, prop2, evar3, evar4).

maxIndex Integer

Indicates how many iterated names you want to return. For example, to return two props or evars, set maxIndex:2.

siteCatalystReportingSuite Object

An object that represents the Analytics object.

dilInstance Object

An object that represents DIL.

options Object

Additional options:

  • replaceContextDataPeriodsWith

    If you do not specify something else, periods are replaced with the default underscore ( _ ).

    For example s.contextData = {abc.def = '123'}would result in c_contextData_abc_def=123 in the event call query string.

    This option is available only in DIL version 5.0 or later.

  • filterFromContextVariables

    For example, filterFromContextVariables: ['email', 'zip', 'accountNumber'] would result in the array of strings being filtered from the data collection of context data. This option excludes Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Data Captured by siteCatalyst.init

This function returns details on the following Analytics properties:
  • pageName
  • channel
  • campaign
  • products
  • events
  • eVar (1 - 250)
  • prop (1 - 75)
  • pe
  • pev1
  • pev2
  • pev3

Sample Code

This code creates a comma separated list of Analytics events (props, eVars, etc.) if values for them exist.
// Get the Site Catalyst object instance:
var s = s_gi(s_account);
// Instantiate DIL code:
var scDil = DIL.create({
        partner: 'adobe',
        containerNSID: 5

// Use the module:
DIL.modules.siteCatalyst.init(s, scDil, {
        //Specify the Site Catalyst variables you want to capture:
        names: ['pageName', 'channel', 'campaign'],
        //Use this to create iterated variable names:
        iteratedNames: [{
               name: 'eVar',
               maxIndex: 75
        }, {
               name: 'prop',
               maxIndex: 75
To track all the monitored Analytics data points without the additional function shown above, invoke siteCatalyst.init by itself like this:
DIL.modules.siteCatalyst.init(s, scDil);