Opt-out Management

Adobe complies with all industry-wide standards with regard to opt-out management. Read on for complete information on the types of opt-out supported by Audience Manager.

Global Opt-Out

The global opt-out represents an opt-out for all brands. The table below lists the methods used for this purpose:

Opt-Out For Description

Adobe Experience Cloud

The Your Privacy Choices page provides 1-click features that let your end users control and opt-out of data collection by the Adobe Experience Cloud advertising solutions (including Audience Manager). Specifically, see the business customer section of the Privacy Choices page.

Direct API calls to Audience Manager

You can opt-out from data collection by all Audience Manager brands by making a call to the DCS API below and include the Audience Manager User ID:

curl -i "http://www.demdex.net/demoptout.jpg" --cookie "demdex=12345678901234567890123456789012345678;dextp=12;DST=12"

As a result, we will set demdex=NOTARGET and dextp=NOTARGET cookies for the submitted Audience Manager User ID.

Mobile devices

See the opt-out and privacy settings for:

Your end users can also opt out of global data collection by visiting the websites of our industry standards partners.

Following the opt-out requests described above:

  • Audience Manager will cease all data collection, segmentation or activation going forward.
  • Historical data is removed from the user profile after 120 days.

Partner Level Opt-Out

The partner-level opt-out permits opting out from data collection by specific Audience Manager partners. The partner-level opt-out works with Declared ID calls, as described in the sections below. Following a partner-level opt-out:

  • The last device ID (Audience Manager Unique User ID) linked to the CRM ID is opted out of data collection.
  • Audience Manager will cease all data collection, segmentation or activation going forward for the last device ID linked to the CRM ID.
  • No historical data is deleted.

Opt-out Calls

When Audience Manager receives a partner-level opt-out request, the JSON returned by the DCS contains the error code 171, with the message "Encountered opt out tag", instead of the Audience Manager user ID.


You can make a declared ID opt-out request with the d_cid and d_cid_ic key-value pairs. The legacy parameters like d_dpid and d_dpuuid still work, but are considered deprecated. See CID Replaces DPID and DPUUID. In the examples, italics indicates a variable placeholder.

Opt-Outs With CID and CID_IC

For a description and syntax, see URL Variables and Syntax for Declared IDs.

Opt-Out Using Code Sample

A data provider ID and user ID.

http://domain name/demoptout.jpg?d_cid=123%01987...

An integration code and user ID.

http://domain name/demoptout?d_cid_ic=456%01321...

Multiple d_cid and d_cid_ic key-value pairs.

http://domain name/demoptout?d_cid=123%01987&d_cid_ic=456%01321...