Data Feed Deactivation: Why It Happens and How to Respond

In Audience Marketplace, Data Providers can revoke access to your subscribed data feeds. Don't be alarmed if this happens to you. We've got you covered. Review this section for processes and procedures related to data feed deactivations.


Common Reasons for Data Feed Deactivation

It may be puzzling or even upsetting if a feed you subscribe to is shut off. However, Data Providers can deactivate a data feed for a variety of reasons. Some common reasons include:

  • Billing: Data Providers will deactivate a feed if you're consistently late with fee payments or if you fail to pay your fees.
  • Feed Updates: Data Providers need to deactivate feeds when they update their feed taxonomy or cost structures.
  • Inactive Buyers: Data Providers reserve the right to deactivate feeds if subscribers show no spending over an extended period of time.
  • Inactive Sellers: Data Providers who leave Audience Marketplace will deactivate and delete all their data feeds.
Tip: Contact your Data Provider directly if you believe a data feed was deactivated by mistake. Your Adobe consultant can help you with contact information or additional support.

Deactivation Email

When a Data Provider deactivates one of your data feeds, Audience Manager sends an email to the users in your company who have Administrator permissions. Sometimes email filters classify this message as spam. As a result, you may miss this important notification. To help you identify the deactivation message, this email contains the following elements:

  • From: The deactivation email comes from Pro-tip: Don't reply to this email.
  • Subject line: Subscription to name of data feed here is Cancelled.
  • Attachments:The email includes an attachment titled, "list-of-affected-entities-by-feed-revocation.csv." That's a convoluted way of saying the attachment lists all the traits included in the cancelled feed. As a Data Buyer, you should review this attachment. It will help you find and remove deactivated traits from your segments and algorithmic models.

Deactivated Trait List

The list that accompanies a deactivation email contains the fields as shown below.

Field Description

Data Feed ID

ID of the deactivated data feed.

Data Feed Name

Name of the deactivated data feed.

Trait SID

Deactivated trait IDs.

Trait Name

Deactivated trait names.

Segment SID

ID of the segment that contains deactivated traits.

Segment Name

Name of the segment that contains deactivated traits.

Algo Model ID

The ID of the algorithmic model that contain deactivated traits.

Algo Model Name

The names of algorithmic models that contain deactivated traits.

Remove Deactivated Traits

As a Data Buyer, you're responsible for removing the traits in a cancelled feed from all your active/in-use or inactive segments. Removal options include:

Note: Removing traits from active algorithmic models or destinations affects scale and targeting accuracy. Try to replace revoked traits with new, active traits if possible.

Unsubscribe from the deactivated data feed after you remove all the revoked traits from your account. If this is a temporary deactivation, you can re-subscribe after the Data Provider finishes making their required changes and reactivates the feed. As with most things, good communication with your partners (the Data Provider and Adobe) can help you work through this process.