Product Features and Functions FAQ

Common product and function-related questions and issues.

What is my Organization ID and how do I find it?

The Organization ID is a unique ID that identifies your organization to Audience Manager and the Adobe Experience Cloud. It consists of a case-sensitive, 24-character alphanumeric string followed by @AdobeOrg. For example, an Organization ID looks like this: 1FD6776A524453CC0A490D44@AdobeOrg. The Organization ID is used by Audience Manager's DIL API, the Experience Cloud ID service, and other Experience Cloud solutions. Users with Administrator permissions can find the Organization ID on the Adobe Admin Console. See the Administration - User Management FAQ.

Can I create traits or destinations in bulk?

Yes. See Bulk Management Tools.

Note: The Bulk Management Tools tools are not supported by Audience Manager. They're provided for convenience and as a courtesy only. For bulk changes, we recommend you work with the Audience Manager APIs instead.

Can Audience Manager reduce the need for third-party tags or pixels and improve page load times?

If Audience Manager is integrated with your third-party data partner, you can replace their pixels and tags with a server-to-server ID call to Audience Manager. In this case, Audience Manager would fire a single ID call the first time we see a user and synchronize that information with your third-party partner. This eliminates the need to make multiple pixels call from every page. Reducing pixel calls can improve page load times.

I've subscribed to a Data Feed. Where is that data stored?

Your Data Feed and all the traits contained in the feed appear as subfolders and traits in Audience Manager. Go to Audience Data > Traits and expand the 3rd-Party Data folder to view your traits or create segments and models with this data.