Create a Folder Trait

A folder trait is created automatically when you create a new folder in your taxonomy.

To create a folder trait

  1. Audience Data > Traits to navigate to the Traits dashboard.
  2. In the Trait Storage window, hover over:
    • "All Traits" text to add a new root level folder.
    • An existing parent folder to add a new subordinate folder.
  3. Click the + icon to create the folder. Note that you can create a maximum of 2.000 folders in your taxonomy. See the usage limits documentation for more information.
  4. Name the folder and click Save. For example, a folder named Electronics will have a folder trait named 'Electronics Folder Trait'.
    You can view and select the new folder trait in the traits dashboard.
  5. The new folder trait is automatically assigned to the Audience Manager generated data source. Your users with appropriate Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) permissions can change the data source in the edit folder trait workflow. See Edit a Folder Trait.