Trait Summary View

The trait summary page gives you a detailed overview of useful trait information.

Click on a trait name from the main dashboard to access its summary page. The trait summary page contains details about:
  • Basic Information: Shows required and optional details specified when the trait was created.
  • Trait Graph: Shows trait qualifications for the last 90-days.
    • For rule-based traits, trait qualification happens in real-time, as users qualify for a trait in their browser.
    • For onboarded traits, trait qualification happens after an inbound file is processed, i.e. the inbound file is fed into Audience Manager and that is when the trait qualification happens.
  • Unique Trait Realizations: A count of unique users that added this trait to their profile over the given time range.
  • Total Trait Population: The number of unique users currently qualified for this trait.
  • Trait Expression: Shows the various rules for the trait. For rule-based traits, clicking "Edit" lets you manage the various rules that the trait consists of.
  • Segments with this Trait: Shows you what segments the trait belongs to.
  • Management Tools: Controls that let you create, edit, clone, and delete traits.