Optional API Query Parameters

Set the optional parameters available to methods that return all properties for an object.

You can use these optional parameters with API methods that return all properties for an object. Set these options in the request string when passing that query in to the API.
Parameter Description
page Returns results by page number. Numbering starts at 0.
pageSize Sets the number of response results returned by the request (10 is default).
sortBy Sorts and returns results according to the specified JSON property.
descending Sorts and returns results in descending order. Ascending is default.
search Returns results based on the specified string you want to use as a search parameter. For example, let's say you want to find results for all models that have the word "Test" in any of the value fields for that item. Your sample request could look like this:

GET https://api.demdex.com/v1/models/?search=Test.

You can search on any value returned by a "get all" method.

folderId Returns all the IDs for traits inside the specified folder. Not available to all methods.
Returns a list of segments based on the specified permission. READ is default. Permissions include:
  • READ: Return and view information about a segment.
  • WRITE: Use PUT to update a segment.
  • CREATE: Use POST to create a segment.
  • DELETE: Delete a segment. Requires access to underlying traits, if any. For example, you'll need rights to delete the traits that belong to a segment if you want to remove it.

Specify multiple permissions with separate key-value pairs. For example, to return a list of segments with READ and WRITE permissions only, pass in "permissions":"READ", "permissions":"WRITE".


(Boolean) Set to true to return your permissions for the segment. Default is false.

A Note About Page Options

When page information is not specified, the request returns plain JSON results in an array. If page information is specified, then the returned list is wrapped in a JSON object that contains information about the total result and current page. Your sample request using page options could look similar to this:
GET https://api.demdex.com/v1/models/?page=1&pageSize=2&search=Test