Performance Reporting

Audience Manager offers standard reporting interfaces for all data stored on user traits and segments, including segment sizes, segment composition, targeting platform mappings (destinations), and custom reports.

This section contains the following information:

Overlap Analysis and Lookalike Modeling

In addition to custom segment generation and standard reporting, publishers are interested in understanding data relationships between all of their data elements and segments. Audience Manager can create data overlay reports based on a publisher’s specific needs. Some examples might include:

  • Third-party data overlaid against first-party data
  • Third-party to third-party overlap for data analysis and scoring (e.g. gender across four providers)
  • First-party data relationships
  • Segment-to-segment overlap and analysis for additional lookalike modeling

The Partner Solutions and Analytics teams can work with you to understand your data/reporting needs, create report templates, create custom reports, and schedule delivery of all overlap and lookalike reports.

Inventory and Audience Insight

Inventory and audience insight is closely tied to segment generation and overlay reporting. Inventory and audience insight reports help you understand:
  • How audiences overlap or trend against individual sites and domains
  • Potential ad inventory based on unique users within audience segments

Audience Overlap Against Sites and/or Domains

As part of a data-collection strategy, publishers can capture site, domain, and site groupings, etc. in the standard data. This gives publishers full visibility into overlap across sites, by data segment across sites, or overlap of any data combination of trait, segment, site, domain, or site grouping. Data is available in a number of areas depending on the specific use case:
  • Standard reporting based on overlap segments generated
  • Custom overlay report templates as defined above
  • Segment creation wizard available via the user interface