Models Summary View

The summary page displays model details such as name, reach/accuracy, processing history, and traits created from the model. The page also includes settings that let you create and managing models. Click a model name from the summary list to see its details.

The model summary page includes the following sections.

Section Description

Basic Information

Includes basic information about the model such as its name and when it last ran.

Model Reach and Accuracy

Shows accuracy and reach data for the last model run.

Model Processing History

Displays the processing date and time for the last 10 runs and whether data was generated on those runs.

Influential Traits

The Influential Traits table:

  • Lists the top 50 influential traits that are best represented in the model's baseline population.
  • Ranks each trait in order of its Relative Weight rank. The Relative Weight sorts newly discovered traits in order of influence or desirability. The weight scale is a percentage that runs from 0% to 100%. Traits ranked closer to 100% means they're more like the audience in your baseline population. See Understanding TraitWeight.
  • Shows the 30-Day uniques and the total trait population for each trait.

Traits Using Model

Shows a list of the algorithmic traits based on the selected model. Click a trait name or trait ID for more information on the trait. Select Create New Trait with Model to go to the algorithmic trait creation process.

The section label changes based on the name of your model. For example, say you create a model and name it Model A. When you load the summary page, the name of this section gets changed to Traits Using Model A.