Update Schedule for Algorithmic Models and Traits

Creation and update schedules for new or existing algorithmic models and traits.

Algorithmic Model Creation and Update Schedule

Activity Type Description
Create or Clone a Model
For new or cloned algorithmic models, the creation process runs once per day at:
  • 5 PM EST (November - March)
  • 6 PM EDT (March - November)

Models built or cloned after the creation deadline are processed the following day.

If the first run of a model generates no data it will run a second time, the next day. If the second attempt also doesn't generate any data, there will be a third attempt, the next day. The model will stop running if the third attempt also doesn't generate any data. In this case, we will deactivate the model. See more in Troubleshooting Algorithmic Models.

Update a Model

Under ideal conditions, existing models rerun on weekdays, at 8-day intervals from the creation day. For example, if you create a model (by the deadline) on Monday, it updates the following Tuesday. After the update on Tuesday, the model will update the following Wednesday, and so on. Note, the model update process requires a tremendous amount of computational power. As a result, sometimes it may take longer than 8-days to update a model.

A model will rerun if it meets any of the following conditions:

  • Its last run was not successful.
  • It has run successfully before AND it has been at least eight days since its last run AND the model has at least one active trait attached to it.

Algorithmic Trait Creation and Update Schedule

Activity Type Description
Create a Trait

The trait creation process runs every day, Monday through Friday. Generally, new algorithmic traits appear in the UI within 48 hours.

Update a Trait

Existing traits are updated at 8 day intervals and follow the schedule for model updates.