Delivery Performance Report: Log File Recommendations

Guidelines to help improve log file ingestion and processing times.

Create and format your Delivery Performance report log files according to these recommendations.

This topic contains the following information:

Prerequisite Information to Provide to Adobe

Recommendation Description
File Access

We strongly recommend that you work with Adobe to set up an Amazon S3 bucket.

Note: Audience Manager uses Amazon S3 to store data. Rather than send us data via FTP, deliver the logs to an S3 directory instead. We can process data directly from this location. Your Partner Solutions manager can help you get access to S3. For more information, see Amazon S3: About.
Listing of Preferred Dimensions

Provide the exact dimensions you request to be used in your various reports. Also specify how that data will be accessed (for example, match tables, lookup files, API, and so forth).

If providing metadata files, provide the mappings of metadata fields to dimensions. Contact your Partner Solutions manager if you require custom dimensions.

If providing API information, provide exact references to the following:

  • Service names
  • Object names
  • Field names
  • Endpoints
  • Method names
  • Authentication methodology
  • Throttling/rate limiting, if necessary
  • Mapping of file fields to endpoints
Reporting Requirement List your exact reporting requirements and necessary dimensions for each report.

For more information, see:

Preferred Ad Server

The most popular ad servers that we currently use include DFP version 2 (Google DoubleClick for Publishers), DFA (Google DoubleClick for Advertisers), MM (MediaMath), FreeWheel, and OAS (Open Ad Server).

Using one of these ad servers greatly reduces initial set-up time. Contact your Partner Solutions manger for other configurations.

Data/File Formatting

Recommendation Description
File Name

Include your Audience Manager client ID (the DPID) in the file name.

Date/Time Stamps

Add a timestamp to the file name. We recommend that you use UNIX UTC seconds by default.

Time Zone

Audience Manager uses UTC. We recommend that you send data in UTC.

File Content

Ensure that your file content conforms to the following specifications:

  • Separate impression, click, and conversion data into individual files.
  • Remove metadata (non-ID data) from the logs. Store that information in separate lookup tables. See Improve Log File Processing Times with Lookup Tables.
  • Fix the schema to ensure that each record contains the same number of delimited columns, even when blank or null values are returned.
  • No special characters in fields (newline, etc.).
  • No delimiter characters in the fields.
File Size

Keep files small. It's easier to import several small files in parallel than it is to process one big file. As a general rule, more files and smaller files are better than one or two really large files. As best practice, we recommend a 100 MB maximum uncompressed file size. The uncompressed file should not be larger than 5 GB.

Send Compressed Files

Send compressed files with Amazon S3. We recommend using gzip.

Use AAM UUID Use the 38-digit AAM UUID as the join ID.
Send Incremental Data

Send incremental data only, ideally one set of files per hour.

Audience Manager will only begin processing one day's data when the first hour of the next day's data has been delivered.

Audience Manager cannot begin populating files for a new day until the previous day's files have been processed.

Field Delimiter

Specify the field delimiter that you will be using in your files. Binary delimiters are preferred.

Commonly Used Dimensions

Dimension Description Example
Advertiser Name of advertiser. AMERICAN PRODUCTS
Ad A placeholder for multiple creatives of a particular size. Fitness
Campaign A set of related ads that are served during a specified flight. Teen Party Season 3 Premiere
Order 23919_NEWS 889 (DELORIAN MOTORS LTD) PREROLL - JUL 22-DEC 29 2013
Lineitem   1580745-1_Today's Parent - ROS - DISPLAY - BB + LB
Site A property where a given ad ran. Comedy Mobile (comedy.mb)
Strategy   Wrestling_Weekly_Tomorrow_7.25
Creative The image file or assets that are displayed to the user. Bio.Broadcast(Homepage)-160x600
Keyval   video_id=294869
Placement Creative size and delivery scope. Core_Travel_HotelChecker_ROS__728x90