Data Integration Methods

A high-level overview of how Audience Manager exchanges information with other data providers and systems.

Supported Data Integration Methods: Real-Time and Server-to-Server

Choosing the right integration method depends on a combination of business requirements and the technical capabilities of your data partner. Audience Manager exchanges visitor information with other data providers by either of the following methods:

  • Real-Time: Transfers data immediately as a user visits your site. This method is also known as a synchronous integration.
  • Batch (Server-to-Server): Transfers data between servers on a set schedule after a visitor has left the page. This method is also known as an out-of-band or asynchronous integration.

Prerequisites: Create a Trait Taxonomy

Before the integration process begins, remember to create traits and a folder structure in the Audience Manager UI. The taxonomy will contain all your traits organized in a logical hierarchy.

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