In Audience Manager, a destination is any third-party system (ad server, DSP, ad network, etc.) that you want to share data with. Destination Builder is the tool you used to create and manage cookie, URL, or server-to-server destinations.

Purpose and Advantages

Destinations and Destination Builder lets you create destinations and send information about segmented users to your data partner. This helps you:

  • Protect data value: Rather than send all user data to a destination, Destination Builder let you share specific information about qualified users only.
  • Take action on your data: Sending data to a destination partner helps them quickly develop and target qualified audience segments.
  • Reduce technical overhead: Business users can set up destinations safely in the Destination Builder interface. This helps reduce the time required for pre-deployment testing. With Destination Builder, you create, manage, and delete destinations as your business needs change, all without working through a long development cycle.

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