Pre-Submission Data Integration Checklist

Information that you should gather before requesting report setup from your Audience Manager Account Manager.

As best practice, you should print and complete this checklist to help ensure that your setup is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Pre-Submission Data Integration Checklist

Integration Type: Specify your desired integration type:

Data Source Name and ID: Specify your data source name and ID:

File Delivery Mechanism: Specify your desired file delivery mechanism:

Metadata Delivery Mechanism: Specify your desired metadata delivery mechanism for dimensions:

Flat file

Delivery mechanism:


  • API endpoint:
  • API method (SOAP or REST):
  • API access credentials:
  • Throttling limit (max requests per second/minute):
  • API documentation:

Dimensions and Mappings: Specify the necessary dimensions and the corresponding input data field mappings:

  • Advertiser:
  • Ad:
  • Campaign:
  • Order:
  • Lineitem:
  • Site:
  • Strategy:
  • Creative
  • Keyval:
  • Placement:

For more information, see c_log_file_requirements.html#concept_101BB57873ED459D9F63768048CCE3F9__section_F03E271BE4F84BA8B03952CF4F0EE77D.

Metrics: Specify the necessary metrics:

Ad Server/Demand-Side-Platform

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Conversions

Email Service Providers (ESP)

  • Sends
  • Opens
  • Clicks
  • Conversions

UserID Type: Specify the UserID type:

  • Audience Manager UserID:
  • Data provider UserID:

UserID Syntax and Containing Name Field: Specify your UserID syntax and containing field name:

  • Syntax and name:

For example, u=24757051475150277921078323837696047435

Time Zone: Specify your desired time zone (UTC preferred):

  • Time Zone: