Bulk Management Tools

The Bulk Management Tools let you create and manage multiple objects at once with single operation. You can use Bulk Management Tools to work with data sources, derived signals, destinations, folders, segments, and traits.

Attention: The Bulk Management Tools are not supported by Audience Manager. This tool is provided for convenience and as a courtesy only. For bulk changes, we recommend that you work with the Audience Manager APIs instead. RBAC group permissions assigned in the Audience Manager UI are honored in the Bulk Management Tools.


This feature uses an Excel spreadsheet with macros that make secure, authenticated calls to the Audience Manager APIs. The API provides the methods and services that let you make changes in bulk. You don't have to know how to code or work with our APIs to use it. The worksheet contains column headers and tabs that perform specific bulk change functions. To make bulk changes, all you do is add the pre-defined headers to specific worksheets, provide the information you want to change in bulk, and click an action button. The worksheet and the APIs do the rest of the work for you.