Testing Creatives Across Destinations

Use Audience Lab to measure the number of conversions a creative is driving across different destinations. This use case also allows you to measure the conversions of the creative against naturally occurring conversions.

  1. Create a Segment Test Group, selecting the segment you want to test the creative against as the baseline segment.
  2. Split the baseline segment into test segments and control segments.
  3. Map the test segments to the different destinations you wish to test.
  4. The control segment can be withheld and not mapped to any destination. The control segment should not be targeted by the test creative to set a results baseline for naturally occurring conversions.
  5. Specify a start date and an end date for the test.
  6. Set up the segment and the creative in the destinations.
  7. The Audience Lab reporting view will show the number of conversions the creative is driving across the destinations.
  8. Because you created a control segment, you can also evaluate how the creative did against naturally occurring conversions. You are testing the question: "Did this creative generate a higher conversion rate than normal practices?"