OAS Destination Requirements

Standards for code placement, supported key-value formats, reports, and the type of segment data sent to OAS.

This destination type requires the following:
  • DIL: Data Integration Library code should be deployed on your inventory. DIL helps eliminate the need to write special code for data collection, integration, reading cookie values, and recovering page data.
  • get_aamCookie Function: Code that captures the Audience Manager user ID and cookie data. Place this code on the top of the page or inside the <head> codeblock.
  • Send Delivery Logs to Audience Manager: If you want a segment delivery report (optional), provide Audience Manager with a daily log that contains impression-level delivery data. The data can be in a raw format, but each record must contain the Audience Manager UUID. Audience Manager can pick up or receive these via FTP.

Cookie Format and Key-Value Data

Audience Manager can send segment data to a browser cookie as follows:

Only Qualified Segments are Sent to OAS

The amount data passed in to OAS depends on how many segments a particular user qualifies for. For example, say you set up 100 Audience Management segments. If a site visitor qualifies for five of them, then only those five segments get sent to OAS (not all 100).