OAS Setup

Modify OAS settings to work with Audience Manager segment data.

To set up OAS
  • Install DIL code across your site.
  • Create OAS as a cookie destination in Audience Manager.
  • Place the get_aamCookie function at the top of the page, ideally within the <head> codeblock. The get_aamCookie code is available here.
  • Modify your ad tag to call the get_aamCookie function and include the cookie name you provided when setting up the OAS destination. For example, if you named the cookie test_cookie, then the ad tag should call get_aamCookie and reference the cookie name. Your ad tag could look similar example below.
  • <a href= "http://client.adserver.net/?" + get_aamCookie('test_cookie') +
     "&etc&u=" + get_aamCookie('aam_uuid')
Remember to include the u= variable. It holds the actual unique user ID (UUID) passed in during an ad call.