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Measure the effect of your TV advertising on your website KPIs. wywy connects your TV campaign with your web tracking data by:

  1. Creating a digital fingerprint of your TV creatives (no need to alter the video file, no need to work with the TV networks, no manual uploads of airing schedules) 
  2. Monitoring hundreds of channels, comparing the live TV signal with the digital fingerprints of your TV creatives
  3. When detecting your TV commercial, making the information available in Adobe Analytics in real-time
  4. Allowing you to tag the incoming traffic with TV attributes. 

wywy will provide the TV creative name, the TV channel and the TV commercial airing timestamp to all new sessions within a defined attribution time window. This allows you to immediately see the impact of each TV spot airing e.g. on visits, bounce rate and conversions. In addition, you can also analyze which TV creative, TV channel, time of day or week day works best. To start the automated tracking of your TV commercials, contact wywy at


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