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Trueffect is a people-based digital marketing platform that operates in your First-Party domain and complements your current strategies, initiatives and execution already underway with Audience Manager, Test & Target, and Site Catalyst. This technology partnership enables the most direct, effective path between the advertiser and the consumer.Many brands seamlessly pass data between Trueffect and Audience Manager; use Audience Manager segments natively anywhere/anytime across media buys; seamlessly pass media data into Audience Manager; see more comprehensive and better-organized data to relink the broken paths caused by measurement gaps, and then update AAM segments without a reliance on site visits.


First-Party technology gives you clear control of your data/IDs, increases measurement accuracy, and increases your media efficiency. Maximize your customer relationships and connect directly on any digital channel. Trueffect’s SaaS-based solution protects your hard-won data assets, allowing you to foster 1:1 relationships at every step along consumers paths-to-purchase via personalized, relevant content & offers. Integrating Trueffect within the Adobe Marketing Cloud completes the First-Party data framework & offers key differentiators for the advertiser. For inquiries, please contact


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