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Software-defined video processing solutions from Elemental integrate seamlessly with Adobe Primetime to enable the delivery and monetization of premium content to IP-connected screens. Elemental video processing components support delivery of live, linear and video-on-demand (VOD) content for Adobe Primetime-supported multiscreen deployments.


In combination, Elemental with Adobe Primetime provide support for:

  • Ad insertion
  • Ad decisioning and regional blackouts
  • Multiple streaming video formats including RTMP, HDS, HLS and MPEG-DASH
  • Primetime DRM
  • Primetime pay-TV Pass
  • pHDS and pHLS
  • Adherence to TV Everywhere retransmission agreements, to ensure content is delivered securely across any network, to any screen.


Software-defined video processing solutions from Elemental take an infrastructure agnostic approach to implementing flexible, scalable and easily upgradable video architectures. This advancement allows video providers to deploy software across an optimal combination of dedicated and virtualized resources in both private and public data centers. Software-defined video solutions free video providers from the constraints of dedicated equipment by allowing the best architecture and processor combination to be used for a particular application, even if that implementation changes over time. Support for new services and video formats can be integrated seamlessly through simple software upgrades. Software solutions from Elemental can be deployed on turnkey appliances, blade systems, virtualized machines and in the cloud.


Components include Elemental® Server for file-based video processing, Elemental® Live for real-time delivery of events and live linear channel content and Elemental® Cloud, which securely manages both live and on-demand video processing using elastic resources. The flexibility of these components enables video providers to rapidly enhance multiscreen video offerings, grow audiences, generate greater revenues and decrease capital expenses.


Integrated Adobe Technology

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