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Date added: 04/17/2015 8:25 PM

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Sizmek MDX is the world's premiere ad management stack for multi-screen, multi-channel online advertising. MDX includes self-service tools for authoring, trafficking, delivering, analyzing and optimizing creative message regardless of device or buying methodology. The MDX toolset includes:

  • Workshop plugin for Adobe Flash
  • HTML5 Factory
  • Video Ad Designer
  • Campaign Mangement
  • Dynamic Creative
  • VersaTag tag management
  • Sizmek Analytics, Verification Suite
  • Audience Suite, Attribution Suite & Search Connect.

Sizmek MDX collects over 200 ad performance metrics for standard, rich media, mobile and video ads. On top of this, users can track conversions, viewability, brand safety verification and audience demographics. For advertisers wanting geo-specifc, product specific, or retargeted messaging at scale, Sizmek Dynamic Creative offers personalized creative messaging and performance-based optimization. Sizmek connects with popular SEMs to auto-track paid search and connects with premium and programmatic buying tools. Users of Sizmek MDX can integrate with Adobe Analytics to provide a detailed user-level feed of activity in-line with other data sets within Adobe Analytics. Adobe tags are auto-trafficked with no additional work needed by ad operations.


Integrated Adobe Technology

  •  Analytics