By: MaxPoint

Date added: 07/19/2016 7:38 PM

Newest version: 1.0

Adobe Audience Manager customers use MaxPoint’s neighborhood-level intelligence to connect the digital world with the physical world through a comprehensive platform that provides superior targeting, execution and measurement.

  • MaxPoint’s unparalleled ad solution complements your audience data, expanding your customer reach across any device and ensuring greater campaign performance
  • Understand the impact of your advertising with valuable insights and a complete set of actionable measurement studies
  • The outcome: effective and measurable location driven advertising that delivers on your campaign goals and objectives

The MaxPoint Ad Solution seamlessly integrates with Adobe Audience Manager enabling you to plan, target and execute campaigns using your 1st party data.The integration enables you to accomplish highly specific objectives such as:

  • Delivering custom messages to clients at different stages of the purchase funnel
  • Discovering new, or similar audiences within a specific location
  • Removing a segment of your audience
  • Syncing ad delivery to customer relationship (recent purchasers, loyalty card holders, sales incentive plans, etc.)


Integrated Adobe Technology

  •  Audience Manager