By: Lionbridge

Date added: 06/28/2017 9:06 PM

Newest version: 3.1.0

Lionbridge onDemand for Adobe Experience Manager is a complete solution for web content translation. Lionbridge onDemand integrates with the new Human Translation API available in Adobe Experience Manager 6.1 and above.  Our approach is the preferred integration method for Adobe Experience Manager taking advantage of the native translation functionality available in AEM 6.1 and above.  Through our innovative onDemand platform, users gain access to additional features including workflows for non-AEM content, instant quotes, detailed project reports, and ecommerce capabilities.  With Lionbridge onDemand users can easily translate web pages, videos, InDesign files, graphics and more while fully leveraging the preferred integration method for Adobe Experience Manager.  Please visit Package Share to download the Lionbridge AEM 6.1 Connector or the Lionbridge AEM 6.2 Connector.


For enterprise clients in need of richer features including support for all AEM versions, we have an available Advanced Connector option for AEM powered by Clay Tablet. This solution supports all versions of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM 5.x, AEM 6.x, etc.) and provides multiple ways to submit work directly from AEM.  In addition our advanced connector has the ability to interface with any translation tool deployed on the client side enabling custom translation workflows.


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