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ForeSee enhances the actionability of web analytics by enabling companies to understand what customers are thinking, how satisfied they are with the user experience and how their satisfaction will influence desired behavior. Companies can also profile site visitors based on attitudinal criteria such as intent, psychographics and demographics.

By enriching visitor profiling through the integration of ForeSee and Adobe Analytics, you can:

  • Understand why visitors are leaving the site through exit path and attitudinal analysis and project their future behavior.
  • Optimize the experience by combining visitor responses in context of satisfaction scores with behavioral profile analytics.
  • Optimize product messaging and promotions’ success by combining behavioral analytics and customer experience analysis to project their impact on behavior.
  • Identify improvements that will have the greatest impact on desired visitor behavior.

The bi-directional integration allows for data movement in both directions between Adobe Analytics and ForeSee including:

  • Automated API Based data transfer integration and data flows.
  • Integrate up to 15 variables from your ForeSee Model including Custom Questions into the Adobe Analytics system for segmentation and report generation.
  • Integrate up to 30 standard Adobe Analytics Export Metrics and up to 5 Custom eVars and 5 Props into the ForeSee portal for segmentation.
  • Pre-built score ranges to speed segmentation definition within Adobe Analytics Report Suites.
  • Ability to modify and update variable mappings as customer needs or requirements change


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