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Eyeota is a leading global audience data supplier not only because we have scale - with 1.5 billion unique user profiles worldwide - but because we have depth. With over 6,000 segments, we focus on the human behind the data to empower marketers to build deeper more meaningful connections with their consumers. We factor in the diversity in cultures and languages of our users throughout the data collection process. This means we understand your target audiences on a hyperlocal basis.


Choose from a variety of premium local audience data sourced from 30,000+ credible publisher partners worldwide across Europe, Asia-Pacific, Australia and the Americas. Eyeota is a Trusted Partner - EDAA Accredited, ABC Audited, and IAB Certified for the highest quality data and security. Access premium branded audience data from some of the most trusted names in offline & online data. Eyeota supplies third party audience data to all major global and regional ad buying platforms, trading desks, DSPs, DMPs and ad networks.


For more information, please visit or find us on Twitter and LinkedIn. For general inquiries, please contact the Eyeota Helpdesk or email



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