By: Elastic Path Software

Date added: 06/19/2014 11:20 PM

Newest version: 1.0

Elastic Path Edition for Adobe Experience Manager is a modular ecommerce solution designed to seamlessly add transactional capabilities to Adobe Marketing Cloud. It brings real-time, enterprise-grade merchandising, monetization, and customer account management features directly into the familiar Adobe Experience Manager authoring environment, and integrates beautifully with the new Adobe master marketing profile.


This edition of Elastic Path is specifically built for Adobe Marketing Cloud users and contains no superfluous presentation or campaign logic to interfere with native Adobe solutions or core services. After installation, a complete suite of ecommerce capabilities will appear within the Adobe Experience Manager component list (sidekick), including:

  • Product information management including advanced bundling, cross-sell, and up-sell
  • Personalized merchandising and offer management
  • Responsive and dynamic pricing
  • Omnichannel order capture
  • Carts and checkouts
  • Customer management, and more.


These ecommerce capabilities are presented as discrete, fine-grained components within Adobe Experience Manager, which allows marketers to easily mix, match, and customize the design and functionality of ecommerce pages and apps to suit any device, scenario, business model, or buying journey. To further enhance this functionality, Elastic Path Live Authoring continuously delivers up-to-the-second transactional data such as prices, offers, and inventory from the underlying transaction platform directly into Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions, so marketers always have access to real-time ecommerce at their fingertips.


For advanced users and systems integrators, Elastic Path Cortex API orchestration dramatically simplifies the process of connecting other sources of ecommerce-related data such as entitlement, CRM, ERP, or order management applications directly to the Adobe Marketing Cloud. Elastic Path Edition for Adobe Experience Manager is designed for enterprise-level businesses, and currently transacts over US $6.5 billion in digital revenue every year for Fortune 500 and Global 1000 customers.

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