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Date added: 05/11/2017 9:55 PM

Newest version: 1.0

Maximize traffic, conversions and revenue from content by optimizing it for organic search before it is published by optimizing content while it is being authored in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Empowering content writers with best-in-class SEO functionality from the proven BrightEdge SEO platform used by 8400+ global brands. Make content ready for search within the existing AEM page editing menu Sidekick and deploy SEO enhancements without leaving the environment.


Align pages with the right keywords

Provide content writers access to keywords that are relevant and valuable as they are writing content Pair keywords with targeted pages to rank in organic search for the right keywords without cannibalizing other pages



Assess and optimize content for search in real-time

Audit content for compliance with most impactful search engine guidelines, and access recommendations to drive search performance Easily implement recommendations for each SEO element with step-by-step instructions View the status of pages with instant feedback to track progress as changes are made



Make content search-engine friendly at scale

Set SEO guidelines for all site wide content and enforce compliance across multiple teams and templates Roll out SEO improvements across an entire site with rapid execution of tasks


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