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Date added: 02/22/2017 9:44 PM

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Sales and marketing teams have a blind spot. Many don’t even know it. And they’re losing money, losing customers, and losing growth every single day as a result. The source of the problem is hiding in plain sight: phone calls. As consumers continue to spend more time on mobile devices, the gap is only getting wider.


  • Marketers obsess over which campaigns generate clicks for their business. They measure them. They optimize processes around them. They even make strategic decisions based on them. Yet marketers don’t know which campaigns – search, display, social, mobile, or offline – actually make the phone ring.
  • Only 19% of inbound phone calls are considered high-quality sales calls by businesses. Yet most marketers aren’t filtering out non-sales calls from reaching their agents and most sales organizations do not intelligently route the portion of phone calls that actually contribute to the top line.
  • 66% of businesses consider phone calls as good or excellent leads, more than any other type, because callers are often further along in the sales cycle and have higher purchase intent. Yet most companies do not take extra steps to ensure callers get personalized, relevant, and pleasant call experiences so they can convert those calls into revenue.
  • Mobile is taking over the world. In July 2014, Americans spent 730 billion minutes in mobile web browsers. That’s an increase of over 40% from the prior year and more time than was spent browsing on a desktop. And when these customers have questions or choose to engage with a brand, they call.

DialogTech helps businesses solve these challenges by providing technology and solutions to control, measure, and optimize the impact of phone calls throughout every stage of the customer lifecycle – from discovery to purchase to retention. 


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