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The Admin Console Excel Plug-in allows updating your company SiteCatalyst properties (Report Suites, Groups, Users) from Microsoft Excel. After having downloaded the SiteCatalyst properties into Microsoft Excel, the user can use the convenience of Excel Worksheet tables in order to perform the desired updates. Afterwards, the user can upload the changes back into SiteCatalyst through the Upload Form.

The Admin Console Excel Plug-in is perfect for those users who need to perform repetitive tasks in the SiteCatalyst Admin Console tool (adding users, deleting users, adding Report Suites). By integrating the SiteCatalyst Admin Console tool into Ms Excel, we allow our users to perform all their Admin Console updates from a very familiar and convenient medium.


Installation Instructions

To use the Admin Console Excel Addin you must first download, extract and install the following Office

Then Unzip the file. This compressed file will contain the following items:

-       AdminConsole.msi: Installation package for Admin Console Excel Plug-in.

-       AdminConsole directory: directory and file for the application source code.

Installing the Admin Console Excel Plugin

Double-click the AdminConsole.msi file in order to launch the installation process.

Once the installation is completed, launch Ms Excel (either Excel 2003 or Excel 2007).

The Admin Console Toolbar will be available in the toolbar section in Excel 2003, and in the Add-in tab in Excel 2007.

                System Requirements for application usage

-       Windows 2000 or higher

-       Excel 2003 or higher

-       .NET Framework 2.0

                System Requirements for application development

-       Windows 2000 or higher

-       Excel 2003 or higher

-       .NET Framework 2.0

-       Microsoft Visual Studio 2008


Getting Started

Step 1: Download SiteCatalyst properties into Excel Worksheet

Click the Admin Console “Down” button in order to get started. Enter your SiteCatalyst User Credentials, then select the SiteCatalyst properties that you would like to download from SiteCatalyst. The Admin Console Plug-in will then insert new worksheet(s) into the open workbook, one for each property type.


Step 2: Update properties and their parameters

Modify some of the parameters, or properties directly into the Excel worksheet. Some of the changes that can be performed include:

o    Modify property parameter: simply type a new value in a cell (or paste it from another table) or select a new value from a drop down control,

o    Add new property: simply start typing the property parameters values at the bottom of the associated worksheet (not currently supported for Group properties).

o    Delete property, Undo Property change: these two commands are only available through context menu. To access them, right-click on cell (or range of cells) and choose respectively “Admin Console => Delete Properties”, or “Admin Console => Undo Changes”.


As you are performing these modifications, visual clues are provided to let you keep track of your changes such as a status column (column A). Furthermore, we used different fonts based on the type of change implemented as an added visual clue.

Step 3: Upload Properties modifications to SiteCatalyst

Once you have completed your changes, click the “UP” Admin Console button in the toolbar, in order to upload your modifications.

The Upload Form will be displayed, summarizing all changes that were implemented in the active worksheet. Once you have reviewed your changes, you can then complete the process by clicking the upload button. You can continue uploading other changes performed on other worksheets.

Finally, if you want to only upload a specific set of changes, simply select the range of cells where the changes were performed, then right-click and select “Admin Console=>Upload Changes” menu.

Taking Admin Console Plug-in Development Further


Support for SAINT Classifications:

Actually, SAINT Classification support is 90% code complete in the provided source code. The only missing part is uploading SAINT Classification changes through the API Web Service.

Support for one-to-many parameter type:

In the current version, we only present two dimensional tables of properties. However, many properties are multi-dimensional. For example, one user may belong to multiple user groups. And one group may have multiple users. When a parameter contains 1-to-many values, we are proposing storing these values as comma-separated string. Editing could be done directly into the cell. Alternatively, user could double-click the cell in order to display a form which would list all available parameter values in a checklist. There, user could check/uncheck the different values according to the needed change.

Support for Report Suite “More Properties” Context-menu:

Site Catalyst Admin Console offers a very large amount of parameters for each report suite. In the current version of the Admin Console Excel Plug-in, only very few parameters are exposed for edition.

For all other parameters, we are proposing to make them accessible to the end-user by right-clicking a specific report suite, and then selecting the “Admin Console=>More Properties...” menu.

Clicking the “More Properties…” menu will download a new set of properties which would be rendered in a new worksheet. In this case, the worksheet would display multiple tables of properties:

-       Traffic variables,

-       Traffic Classifications,

-       Conversion Variables,

-       Etc…

This way, the user would be able to access all properties relevant to a report suite in one single worksheet.

Known Issues

Admin Console Context Menu not available if Omniture ReportBuilder / HBX ReportBuilder is also installed:

The Admin console Right Click context menu will not appear if the user has Omniture ReportBuilder or HBX ReportBuilder installed. This will prevent users to use features that are only available through right-click context menu: Delete Property, Undo Property changes.

This defect will be fixed in the next release of Omniture ReportBuilder.

Adding Group Property is not supported:

Currently the SiteCatalyst Admin API does not provide a call to add a new User Group. As a consequence, this feature is not exposed in the Admin Console Plug-in application.



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