Adobe Marketing Cloud APIs

Adobe provides APIs for the Adobe Marketing Cloud: the Enterprise API and the Partner API. The Get Started sections of this site provide articles, tutorials, and code samples to help you learn how to use these APIs.

Overview of the Getting Started Tutorials

This site is designed for experienced PHP, Java and C# developers who also have a good understanding of HTML and JavaScript.

  • Analytics Tagging - Client-side JavaScript tagging is the primary way that your web site collects visitor data using Analytics.
  • Concepts and Terminology - This article covers basic concepts and terminology that are the foundation for understanding and working with Analytics.
  • Authentication and Setup Tutorial - All the sample code provided in the articles and tutorials is based on the fictional JJ. Esquire e-commerce site which Adobe created to showcase Analytics and other products in the Adobe Marketing Cloud. The live demo site is hosted at
  • Enterprise API Overview - The Enterprise API provides Adobe Marketing Cloud Customers with programmatic access to collect, import, export and run reports on their data.
  • Partner API Overview - The Partner API provides partners with a way to optimize their businesses using more valuable integrated data.