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Saint Bernard is an AIR app that can help marketers and web analysts to manage their SiteCatalyst classification data. This is NOT an official Adobe application. This app installs and runs locally and downloads SAINT records locally to your machine where you can edit them and upload them back to SiteCatalyst. One of the most significant features is the Bulk Update rules that can be created to quickly update thousands of classification records. Other notes:

  • This software is BETA, there are no guarantees or warrantees with using it. Use at your own risk! Licensed under the LGPL.
  • Using this application WILL consume API tokens from the company you log in under
  • I have posted the source code in a seperate zip file. Sorry, it isn't as cleaned up as I would have liked (no time).
  • This app requires you to supply credentials for accessing the Adobe/Omniture APIs. This username/secret can be retrieved by an Admin User by logging into the * Adobe Marketing Cloud and going to the Users area within the Admin Console.
  • This app requires an email address only because the SiteCatalyst API SAINT methods require one. There is no SPAM or mailing list going on here.
  • There is no official support for this app - (i.e. if you contact Omniture ClientCare they will NOT be able to help you)
  • Please send any feedback to sgubler (at)

Demo video (part 1) -

Demo video (part 2) -

======= RELEASE NOTES =======

Version 0.4 release notes:

  • Improved the filtering on the records editor. You can now filtered by the unclassified records for any classification column OR where any classification column matches a particular substring

Version 0.4.2 release notes:

  • Added the Tokens view so you can keep track of your remaining API tokens for the month.

======= RELATED PROJECTS =======

  • SAINT Bernard Enterprise Edition -Ã� The Adobe Engineering Services team has extended the SAINT Bernard code base to add some additional features. They are calling this product the "Enterprise Edition". This offering includes support and upgrades. Go here to learn more about it...


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