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We've heard from many developers, agencies, and customers that app measurement QA can be painful, so we built Bloodhound to aide in your mobile analytics and mobile optimization initiatives. This tool is free to any team using the SDK to help your QA process and is supported on a best effort basis. For specific questions or enhancement requests, please post your feedback in the Mobile Forum of Developer Connections.

The Bloodhound app measurement QA tool displays and parses real-time hit data on app measurement implementations, ensuring proper implementation for app developers and marketing team. The hit details, hit counter, and metric/dimension output features streamline the app tracking QA process. The tool can be used for apps in the development cycle or to validate live apps in the app store.

The tool focuses on mobile app measurement for iOS, Android, and Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and OS X SDK's, but has use-cases for other platforms and even desktop or mobile web.

Download the latest version of Bloodhound on our GitHub repository.

You can find the Bloodhound documentation here.

Note: The 3.0 beta version is now available to the public that allows SSL support and is hosted on the GitHub repo link above. Please try it out and give us feedback in the forums! Here’s the documentation for the beta version.

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Last update on October 27, 2014 (Added 3.0 Beta)

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