Unable to collect referrer domains metrics in Omniture

Omni Experts,

  we recently implemented omniture on our site collect site metrics , its collecting data under sections  Site Metrics data and Site Content.


but its unable collect any data under Traffic Sources section like Referrer Domains and Orginal Referrer Domains,Referrer.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in Advance.


Did you solve this problem? I am seeing the exact same thing. The code in the page looks right so I'm assuming it's a Report Suite config issue.


One thought is that your internal URL settings aren't quite right.

Make sure that you have set the s.linkInternalFilters variable appropriately in your s_code file.

Also, be sure that you have the Internal URL Filters set correctly for your report suite in the Report Suite Manager (in the Admin Console). If you don't have these set with the domain(s) of the sites you are tracking then your Traffic Sources reports won't be correct.

Hope that helps. -Sean


We had the same problem. One of our internal URL filters was set to dot "."


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