Report with no data returns 'System Error'

I'm using the SiteCatalyst Reporting API. If I request a Date Range that has reporting data everything works fine, but if I request a date range that has no data available then I get Error 5001 "A system Error has occured" when I check the status of the report. Is this a known issue? It seems a bit odd. I would assume if i wanted to queue a report for today's date, but I don't have any data available it would just return an empty set. But it seems to be throwing some sort of an exception on omnitures end. On my end, I do not want to assume that every time i recieve a "System Error" message from omniture that it means empty set. If there really is some sort of system error I want to be able handle that differently, and it doesn't seem like I can distinguish the two right now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -Sully
Hmmm... a 5001 error isn't something I've ever experienced for this condition. I request reports all the time where there is no data and I always receive back an empty data set. Even when I've requested date ranges before the report suite existed or dates in the future I've never received a 5001 error. Hope that helps a bit. -Sean
I've verified that this should not be the case when you request a report that has no data. Can you provide more information on your request so that we can see what else might be going wrong?

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