PHP login credentials - Key Secret help!

Hello, Im trying to use the API for the first time. I'm trying to get the PHP examples to work. However, I need the key, secret and report suite values. I have administration rights on the SiteCatalyst interface but cannot for the life of me find out where the key and secret are located. I have enabled both the API rights for myself. This didnt generate and key or secret information. Please help! Craig
Once you have given the appropriate user API rights (in this case you already gave your own user account rights), you can find the key and secret by going to the Admin Console, then selecting the "Company" section, and choosing "Web Services". On that page, you will see "API Access Information" which will provide you with the info you're looking for. Happy developing!
Hello there, thanks for the response. When I log into the admin console I don;t see the company tab. I have Accounts - Users - Groups - Security Settings - IP Security - Export. Im using the SiteCatalyst HBX. Do you know why I'm not seeing this Company tab? Thanks, Craig

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