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API Explorer Soap format Query 2 40 Alex Suarez1 year ago
API exception while calling 'DataWarehouseGetReportData' in C# 0 20 vinay2 years ago
Setting genesis api for distimo to be able to get campaigns. 1 10 Sean Gubler2 years ago
Setting genesis api for distimo to be able to get campaigns. 0 1 cihan2 years ago
extracting event data through api 0 23 Jason Broughton2 years ago
pending sandbox access application 1 38 Nital Chandel2 years ago
Error Legacy script syntax not supported. 2 17 Axel Amthor3 years ago
Problems using Genesis API in C# 1 49 Chris de Groot3 years ago
Magento - SiteCat Integration 3 20 Brent Shaffer3 years ago
Web Service Report called from Perl program has stopped working 2 965 wengazi3 years ago
Raven / Omniture 4 37 eniko3 years ago
How to Extract data from Omniture to our enterprise data warehouse 5 261 eniko3 years ago
referrer_domain problem with Genesis Export.RequestSegmentedData 4 48 qaz7773 years ago
Partner APIs in Python 8 2626 keyon4 years ago
WSDL to Java Errors 4 66 keyon4 years ago
RSS feed on this page returns bad xml 3 38 keyon4 years ago
Partner.GetIntegrations filtering 3 36 keyon4 years ago
Partner API Documentation 12 5701 keyon4 years ago
API Quota Limitation 10 428 keyon4 years ago
rpc/encoded wsdl? 3 116 keyon4 years ago
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