Where can I download API for iOS

So, I've beaan seraching and setaching and can't seems to find a download locaiton for the API? Can't belive this is so hard. I can only find old threads with beta API posted to. I've logged into the admin console, etc, but it's nowhere to be found? CAn someone please calrify how I can download it?

If you are looking for code to track an iOS app with SiteCatalyst then you need to go to the Code Manager.

1. Go to Code Manager (Admin > Admin Console > Code Manager)

2. Choose the iOS option in the menu ("Select the type of code to generate")

3. Select the report suite to track into

4. Click "Generate Code" button

5. You are then presented with the "iPhone Config Text" and the "Component Files"

Your comment is being moderated. Thank you for your feedback!hone Config Text" and the "Component Files"

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