product subcategory

how to tag the products with sub categories? For an example,

Cellphone -> Apple -> IPhone 4

Cellphone -> Samsung -> galaxy


I have tagged like s.products = "Cellphone;Apple;IPhone4". But I am not able to breakdown to IPhone4 (level3) in Sitecatalyst Products report.


Any suggestions?


The s.products attribute is not designed to collect lots of meta data about your products.

The best practice is to collect just the product ID (or SKU) with your implementation, example s.products = ";SKU1234"

And then use the SAINT classifications to upload (in batch) all of the meta data which becomes new reporting dimensions in SiteCatalyst.

So, the SAINT data to upload might look something like this...

Key Product Name Product Category Product Manufacturer
SKU1234 iPhone4 Cellphone Apple
SKU1235 Galaxy S Cellphone Samsung

Hope that helps.



Thanks!! It's help a lot!!


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