Not all pages are listed in SiteCatalyst->Site Content->Pages


We want to track the user visit / page hit of each page of our application. For that we had implemented Omniture javascript on page load event of each pages. In our application first page contains the link to redirect to second page and second page contains the link to redirect it to third page.

In test environment it is working fine. For each page hits it creates a new entry for that page and if page entry is already existed in page list then increase its page view count.Even if we click a link of first page to redirect it to second page on load of second page it captures the detail

But in live environment Page entry is appearing Only for first page. Not able to find the page entries for other pages. For example if we click a link to redirect to second page then not able to find any entry of second page in sitecatalyst. 

Does anyone can help us to resolve this issue. Please note that our live environment is using 2 servers for load sharring and application is also deployed on 2 server, is there any implact of that?

Please provide some information to resolve above issue. Or let me know if any further detail is required to understand this issue

Thanks, SVakil.

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