AppMeasurement help needed

Hi, AppMeasurement implementation for AS3 /* Import line for ActionScript 3 */ import com.omniture.AppMeasurement; var s; function configActionSource() { s = new AppMeasurement(); /* Specify the Report Suite ID(s) to track here */ s.account = "myCompany"; s.charSet = "UTF-8"; s.currencyCode = "USD"; s.trackClickMap = true; s.Media.autoTrack = false; s.Media.playerName = "FLV Player"; s.debugTracking = true; s.trackLocal = true; /* WARNING: Changing any of the below variables will cause drastic changes to how your visitor data is collected. Changes should only be made when instructed to do so by your account manager.*/ s.visitorNamespace = "myNameSpace"; s.trackingServer = ""; s.trackingServerSecure = ""; s.dc = '122'; trace("once :\n" + s) addChild(s); } configActionSource(); var tmpInt = setInterval(goTracking,1000) function goTracking(){ trackMovieStart("ML000TCG_01", 478, "FLVPlayer") } function trackMovieStart(strName, totalLen, _player) {, totalLen ,"FLVPLAYER");,0); s.Media.trackWhilePlaying=true; s.Media.trackMilestones="20,40,60,80,100"; trace(strName + " --- trackMovieStart strName" + s); } goTracking is just a simulation which some hardcoded values. I am getting all correct traces in omniture debugger. but its not getting hit @ reports. if some one please help. Regards, Bhushan

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