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We are downloading the Metrics data using Omniture site catalyst API. We had a token count balance of 7000 + tokens for the current month. Today I found , its showing token count as 0. But still I am able to download the data. I am wondering how token count came down to 0. Is it some technical issue? Is there any way to validate the token count/ usages.

Thanks iProspect.

That sounds odd. It hasn't happened with my account. I still show 9900+ tokens.

You can get an accounting of "who" has used the tokens by making the Company.GetTokenUsage call.

Also, if your user has access to the "Admin Console" you can log in and see the API calls that have been made using the "Admin Console Log". In the Event Description you will see things like "SOAP request made: Company.GetTokenCount".

Hope that helps. -Sean


Thanks Sean, It really helped.

Regards iProspect


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