Step 2: Create Classifications

There are two ways to create a classification in your report suite:

Visually, using the SiteCatalyst Report Suite Manager in the Adobe Marketing Cloud Programmatically using the Admin API

The Admin API is outside the scope of this article. To learn more about creating classifications using the Admin API see the classifications documentation.

In this JJ. Esquire demo application, you will create brand and category classifications for the Product report element.

  1. In the SiteCatalyst UI, navigate to Admin > Admin Console.
  2. Select your report suite and click on Edit Settings > Conversion > Conversion Classifications.
  3. From the Classification Type dropdown box, select Product.
  4. Highlight the Product classification and select Add Classification.
  5. In the window that appears, set the Type to Text.
  6. Set the Text Classification field to Brand as shown in Figure 7.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Repeat the procedure to create the Category classification.

Once you have created the classifications, you can see them in the Adobe Marketing Cloud. Since the JJ. Esquire demo application for this article creates classifications for Products, you can see the new classifications by selecting SiteCatalyst > Products > Products.