Campaign State

The Campaign State API lets you change the state of an existing T&T campaign.

Create the URL

For each operation add the parameters and values necessary to set the state of the T&T campaign. For example:​&password=pword&operation=setCampaignState&state=Deactivated&​campaignId=cam29034&thirdPartyId=extID501>&version=1




(Required) The T&T client code.


(Required) The Email address associated with the T&T user performing the operation.


(Required) The T&T password associated with the specified email address.


(Required) Identifies the type of T&T action to execute. To change a T&T campaign state, this value is always setCampaignState.


(Required) The campaign state. Supported values include Approved, Deactivated, Deleted, and Archive.


(Optional) The campaign ID of the campaign you want to modify. You must provide either campaignId or thirdPartyId.


(Optional) The third-party identifier associated with the campaign you want to modify. You must provide either campaignId or thirdPartyId


Specify which version of the API you want to use. Set this to version=1 unless there is a different version described in the documentation.

Parameters and values are case sensitive.

Inspect the Query Response

The response to the request alerts you to the success of the operation. For example:

<success>Campaign [7] state set to [Approved]</success>

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