The Test&Target API lets you programmatically retrieve data for your Test&Target campaigns.

Test&Target supports the REST interface only. SOAP is not supported.


January 31, 2012

Updated API Description
Campaign Create/Update

Enabled existing campaigns to be saved using the campaign ID instead of a third-party ID.

Campaign View

Added campaign-level targeting to the response (version 3).

Campaign List

Added campaign start/end date, status, third-party campaign IDs, and labels to the response.

Campaign State

Added a Deleted state that enables campaign deletion.

Offer Get

Added the offer ID to the response (version 2).

Offer Create

Added the offer ID to the response (version 2).


Added version 2 of the Campaign View that adds campaign segment information to the response.

The following APIs are now available:

See the description for each API for details.

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